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AVEDA Salon products & Spa Services

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Haircare coming back soon


Women’s Haircuts start at $45

Men’s Haircuts start at $25

Young Adult Haircuts (12-18) start at $20

Kid’s Cuts (0-12) start at $15


Women’s Root Touch Up starts at $60 and up

Additional fee to run color through ends

Women’s Partial Highlights start at $70

Women’s Full Highlights start at $90

Balayage starts at $75

Semi Permanent Hair Color starts at $65

Men’s Camouflage Color starts at $20


Facial and Body Waxing

Eyebrow Design starts at $25

Eyebrow Waxing starts at $15

Lip Wax starts at $15

Chin Wax starts at $15

Cheek Wax starts at $20

Face Wax starts at $35

Underarm Wax starts at $30

Arm Wax starts at $35

Chest Wax starts at $40

Back Wax starts at $40

Bikini Wax starts at $35

Upper Leg Wax starts at $30

Lower Leg Wax starts at $35


Facial and Body Corrective Care

HydraDerm Facial starts at $150

Signature Skincare starts at $85

Rejuvenation Treatments start at $125

Microdermabrasion starts at $125

High Frequency $45 per area

Make-Up Application starts at $65

Customized Beauty Boxes Start at $75

Bangs! Salon & Spa Membership

Returning guests and VIP Special Promotions, Bonuses, and Specials throughout the year $199